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Posting videos of herself Evgeni Malkin 71 Script shirt . on social media, Lizzo is seen arriving and checking into the Virgin. Atlantic Upper Class area in full-on bougie fashion, her pink plumage drawing some double-takes as she heads to her flight. (She also carried a teddy-monkey that said, “Privacy please,” though it was hard not to look her way with that fabulous getup.) It may seem an outrageous idea to wear a runway design on a flight

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Classic Women’s
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But one could see how her frothy outerwear could even double as a blanket on the plane, where air is known to be on full blast Evgeni Malkin 71 Script shirt . Alas, once she is seen actually getting on the aircraft, Lizzo de-coated and revealed a more casual outfit underneath: some camo pants and a crop-top sweater. After all, a tarmac isn’t really a runway.Memorial Day is often considered the unofficial start of summer, and for good reason! The three-day weekend is a harbinger of warm days, long nights, and good times to come—and, of course, a new wardrobe to wear for it all. Whether you’re planning a BBQ in the city or decamping to Fire Island or Phoenicia, “MDW” is usually your first opportunity to rip the tags off a breezy sundress or barely there sandals. But if you’ve yet to turn your attention to your summer look, don’t stress; you’ve still got 20 days to plan, and we have a few ideas for what you should pick up first.To start, consider an especially on-trend tie-dyed bag like Prada’s mesh bucket; if you’re lucky enough to find yourself on the beach or by the pool, it’s just large enough to fit a bottle of sunscreen and a terrycloth hat. A strapless swimsuit like Solid & Striped’s tangerine maillot could work double-duty as a bodysuit under denim cut-offs, or simply throw a prairie dress on top for a little built-in SPF. As for new jewelry, don’t miss out on the seashell trend; Brinker & Eliza’s rosy pink necklace is an elevated, grown-up take.
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  1. Paula Herring

    Awesome hoodie for the money. Nice slim fit.

  2. Gayle Waldrep

    tamanho identico. Qualidade média

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