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I had a Grey! They are excellent mimics Equality Symbol shirt . Mine didn’t need any prompting. When I would go to bed he would say; “Goodnight Daddy” and when I would pass his cage he would say, “Good morning Daddy”. Often he was my alarm clock and would climb onto the bed and wake me! I had 2 dogs (pitties) 2 birds, ( a Senegal and a grey) and a cat! The greys cage was always open and sometimes they would all play together. The grey would take a ride on Jazz. There were harmony and love. Life was good! My aunt has one and they are so intelligent! He does this cute thing where he will ring like a phone, answer and have an entire conversation with himself on said phone. It is like listening to a real person. He would also bark like a dog and then in my grandfather’s voice call out to the dog to try and calm the barking down. The dog was always so confused.

Equality Symbol shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Equality Symbol Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Equality Symbol Hoodie
Equality Symbol Sweatshirt
Equality Symbol Unisex
 Everyone is commenting on here about how that bird talks more than theirs Equality Symbol shirt . Don’t buy a parrot just to hear them talk. Not all parrots will. Especially if they don’t get the attention and care they need. They are very intelligent and social creatures. So if you plan to buy one or more just to hear them talk and leave them in a cage for your amusement PLEASE DONT!  I lived in the ghetto on the east side with a roommate. Every night Id set my cell phone on the ledge of my window. During the summer, Id leaves my window open. Well, seems the local birds would learn to exactly mimic my ringtone for calls and text messages. I would wake up to what I thought was a message or a call. Unbeknownst to me, it was the birds outside mimicking what they had heard through the screen of my open window. I’m astonished by what I had heard. It was an exact replica of my ringtone. I can honestly tell you it was an exact replica of what my ringtones were. It fucked with me for weeks until I figured out the birds outside my house were infatuated with my midi perfect ringtones on my phone. So here’s my only conclusion… is a mathematical constant. Music is universal.

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