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Agreed retail or most customer service jobs can age you #DonaldTrump In God We Trump shirt . Thats how you get a 20 year old yelling at the sky like an 80 year old. I have 20+ years in retail, waiting tables, call centers, IT support. I remember young Juniperfuze… she was so full of life and compassion and empathy. She was a pretty decent gal. I live in a small town in Indiana and some of the things the kids say and do at my high school are way worse than anything that was said in this story this is entirely possible. Plus my grandmother (who works for the boys and girls club) had heard stories of some crazy people there.

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That’s where my bullshit meter flew off the charts #DonaldTrump In God We Trump shirt . The huge, curse-laden rant, the “daaamn” in the background, and the entitled mother backing down to a old child after getting cursed at are all too much. So, this lady, who didn’t have the patience to fill out 2 papers, who was bold enough to demand free service, walked back to her red Ferarri with her tail between her legs because a 14 year old got a little mad? Ok.  No offense against your job, OP, but the BGC is terrible. As a parent, you think this is going to be great. Homework time, active play, movies and snacks? Sounds like a great time for the kids until you get off work. The ratio of kids to staff shouldn’t even be allowed. It’s too many kids to watch. In one of the BGC’s my son went to, the discipline problems became too much for the two people there handling a couple hundred
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