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From my perspective Dollar Dollar Bill Kirill shirt . it is troubling how slowly and by the same token and reality has been sinking in. This is all anecdotal, but I have heard that some people, in more affluent communities early on, said things like, “This is a disease that affects people of color.” It became this othering that allowed people say, “I’m not part of that group, I don’t need curtail my behavior or socially distance or use face coverings.” We have surpassed a number of deaths that seemed inconceivable when the pandemic began, with more than 250,000 people dead from COVID-19. And yet, people continue behave in ways that put themselves and others at risk. Do you think that this is persisting because of a degree of racism in the way that people are processing those deaths?

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But the Dollar Dollar Bill Kirill shirt . and by the same token and sad reality is that it’s getting harder and harder find a person of any background who doesn’t know someone who has been significantly affected by COVID. So much of how we experience information and how we experience truth is through our tight social networks. There might be, for many, an understanding now that they didn’t have in March. According a PEW Research Center survey from September, the number of people who say they would get a vaccine is fairly low and has been declining over the course of 2020. [This was before the Pfizer and Moderna announcements in recent days.] Reluctance is particularly high among Black Americans, who have cited racist medical interventions of the past in their reasoning. How do you counter this kind of thinking and help people become comfortable with the vaccine?
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