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The season of witches Dog Peace Love Murphy shirt . werewolves, skulls, creepy pumpkins and all things dead coming alive is here! Halloween is not just for slutty costumes and diabetes heaven. It is also quite the holiday in the online industry (that’s an understatement), because it’s the beginning of peak time for sales, discounts and other hacks that make your life easier. I’m sure you’re already sick and tired of all the jack o lanterns, bat designs and free Halloween tags, so I’ll try to make it as short as possible.Getting straight to the point, you know that we focus on the good here on the blog and we have a “tradition” to mark these year round holidays with major sales. So here is 2016’s big Halloween “party”, hosted by your best vector art sourceThe holiday is major and so is the discount – all items are at half the price, until October 31st. This includes all t-shirt templates, vector sets and fonts.

Dog Peace Love Murphy shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Dog Peace Love Murphy Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Dog Peace Love Murphy Hoodie
Dog Peace Love Murphy Sweatshirt
Dog Peace Love Murphy Unisex

There’s no code necessary, all prices are marked down on the site and the reduction is also visible when you checkout Dog Peace Love Murphy shirt . Simple as that. This is the best discount you can get for each item, purchased individually, so the time to update your vector collection is now!My absolute favorite designer on the site, Satyr, has finally curated his finest collection of t-shirt designs that you can purchase, for a limited time. No less than 134 items are included in the bundle and the price is, of course, small – just $53 for premium illustration work that humorously glorifies men with luscious beards, employs details on skulls like there’s no tomorrow and imagines the sexiest, deadliest chicks ever!You will get some seasonal prints as well, that feature Santa, Krampus and a very shady Christmas wreath. My absolute favorites are the one-color designs with nature inspired themes and biker skulls.To say that he is talented with a knack for urban figures and a dark-twisted vision of death and night creatures doesn’t even begin to cover what he is capable of illustrating. One look at his profile and you will fall in love with the style and quality of the designs. All files are in EPS format, which means you can re-size the elements and you can also to change the color scheme.
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