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I seem to Dog Don’t Eat Me shirt . that the GOP blocked considerable chunks of what Obamacare was originally supposed to become. It might have been closer or even identical to the Dutch system if the Democrats had been given the go-ahead with their original plans? But no, believe it or not, the millions of uninsured, the millions more under-insured or who can’t afford to pay their deductibles to use their insurance, and the insane prices are all Obamacare ‘working as intended’. That’s why you can’t trust a centrist Democrat to fix things in 2020. They controlled all branches of government in 2008.

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But in the long run, it Dog Don’t Eat Me shirt . help Electorate diversifies its votes, with some GOP voters currently paranoid about “leftist” influence crossing over to moderate/centrist Democrats. Yeah, Obama spent 8 years trying to appease Republicans even though. On day one of his presidency, they made it crystal clear that their priority was to see him discredited and defeated. And now Joe Biden is going around saying he likes Mitch McConnell, that he wants to work with Republicans. It’s not like in my country, Canada, where the Liberal Party and the Progressive Conservatives often do, and should, work together on issues. You cannot work with Republicans. They are largely nuts, to be frank, and like you mentioned there. Very good at the closing rank and punishing defectors. Trump said he would drain the swamp and that his administration would be the people against the establishment of both parties. Bernie would actually do it. And in America, that’s what it’s going to take to get sane politicians as we (sometimes) enjoy in Canada and Europe. Though some people are now nostalgic for the old system, it worked terribly and the current system was quite an improvement. It made the system universal, ended the waiting lists (at least those due to insurance), and greatly simplified the organization.
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