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President Donald Trump Doctor First Lady Jill Biden 2021 shirt . has turned to a fringe group of advisers peddling increasingly dubious tactics to overturn the results of the election, creating a dire situation that multiple senior officials and people close to the President say has led to new levels of uncertainty at how Trump will resist the coming end to his tenure. “No one is sure where this is heading,” one official said on Monday. “He’s still the President for another month.” Conspiracist lawyer Sidney Powell, disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn, onetime chief strategist Steve Bannon, hawkish trade adviser Peter Navarro and the eccentric founder of the retail website Overstock have all recently found themselves in the Oval Office or on the telephone advising Trump on new last-ditch efforts to reverse his loss.

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That’s in addition to Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who has been feeding the President’s conspiracy theories for weeks and who, along with Powell, was seen again at the White House on Monday Doctor First Lady Jill Biden 2021 shirt . In the process, Trump has mostly shunned those working inside the government, leading to growing fears of how he may lash out in the four weeks he has remaining in the White House — or at how he may resist leaving the building come Inauguration Day. Through it all, Trump has mostly abandoned the day-to-day running of government. At a Cabinet meeting last week, he spent much of the time complaining about his suspicions of voter fraud, according to a person familiar with the matter, leaving some attendees puzzled at the point of the gathering. Indeed, Trump has spent his days singularly focused on the election results. “We won this election in a landslide,” Trump claimed falsely during a Monday call to the activist Charlie Kirk, who broadcast the conversation using a microphone so attendees at a gathering of young conservatives in West Palm Beach, Florida, could all hear. “The problem is we need a party that’s going to fight and we have some great congressmen and women that are doing it and we have others, some great fighters,” Trump went on. “But we won this in a landslide, they know it, and we need backing from, like, the Justice Department, and other people finally have to step up.” Sources close to the President describe particular worry among his advisers over what Powell — who only three weeks ago was unceremoniously dumped from his official legal team — may convince him to do in the coming days. Trump’s idea, which he floated in a heated Friday meeting at the White House, is for Powell to essentially embed as a special counsel inside the White House Counsel’s Office, a proposal the counsel’s office has not looked kindly at. “There’s high levels of concern with anything involving Sidney Powell,” one source close to the President said. “The lawyers are very worried.”
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