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I only read Marvel growing up Dad Emilia Since 2020 shirt . so I had no background going into a green lantern, thus I didn’t get offended by any inaccuracies and was able to just enjoy the stupid movie. Used to work with a guy who was a hardcore lantern purist and I could get him going on a rant by just saying “I just don’t see why it’s considered a bad movie.”. After a few minutes of gasps and disgruntled “us”, he’d go off. Super fun.

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Also, brunette Blake Lively in the green lantern in enough to make the movie good, as far as I’m concerned Dad Emilia Since 2020 shirt . Also grew up reading Marvel and the occasional Guy Gardner Green Lantern. I thought the glowing suit was a good concept awfully executed, but other than that, I’ve quite enjoyed the movie. Yup. The first X-Men is a somewhat good superhero movie, it just sucks as an X-Men movie. Call them the Y-Men and I’m ok with that. But yeah, Logan is great. my brother’s middle name is Logan because my mother is a Hugh Jackman fanatic and that X-Men movie came out around the time he was born. My dad didn’t realize until many months had passed. I can’t say anything about the reaction because I’m only a year older than the boy. I’m not a Green Lantern purist by any stretch (though I do enjoy some of their stories) so take this with a grain of salt, but I don’t think it was the inaccuracies that upset fans. I think it was the fact the movie was really just awful, even for an early-ish superhero movie. Terrible CGI, a weak story, flat characters and even flatter acting (save a couple performances) just kind of leaves the movie a real mess. And while Green Lantern isn’t as popular as other DC characters in modern days they still have a wealth of great stories that they could have pulled from, and not changed much, to make a compelling story. Seriously though I was in high school when Van Wilder came out and I remember thinking then that Ryan Reynolds was going to be a big deal. It really seems like he puts his whole heart into everything he does….and now he gets to see Blake Lively naked on a regular basis so I’m sure he’s happy about how it worked out too. Just friends are awesome, Waiting is foodservice required viewing, but my favorite is The Proposal. Little more cookie cutter rom-com, but Ryan Reynolds and Betty White together are too good. Never saw Van Wilder outside a few trailers and cuts, so I never thought much about him. Then I saw him in Smokin’ Aces. Holy hell, he became a favorite actor of mine immediately.

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