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A bigger concern Cows Moje Krowy Wzywaja Mnie Musze Isc shirt . for experts tracking hate and extremism online? What may happen after this weekend and the inauguration. Segal said extremists might move cautiously in coming days, from both paranoia and knowing they’re being watched. “It’s not before inauguration that we need to be concerned about them trying to spark another civil war — it’s after,” Segal told CNN. Segal says it is helpful to look at the situation in Michigan last spring when thinking how things could unfold after the Capitol attack. “The reopen protests ended up resulting in part in an attempt to kidnap the governor,” Segal explains.

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Trump was very much a part of that, too Cows Moje Krowy Wzywaja Mnie Musze Isc shirt . He repeatedly criticized Gov. Gretchen Whitmer about her Covid-19 restrictions before and after the news of the plot against her. Experts note that at the protests against her moves, there too was a cross-pollination of people who showed up — self-declared militia members, anarchists, those with anti-government beliefs and anti-vaxxers. Now, take those existing grievances and add lies about the election being stolen and the Capitol attack. That kind of kinetic energy is hard to stop, experts fear. The extremism experts agree on several glaring points on how we got here and where we may be going. America is in the midst of a mass radicalization of sorts. The fire starter was not Trump, they say; he simply threw gas on the flames. Seeing Biden inaugurated, a Black and South Asian woman as his Vice President, and then realizing that Trump is gone will fan the flames for those who will falsely claim the Biden administration is illegitimate, Segal warns. Carusone says this is just the beginning of the country heading “into a buzzsaw” due to divisiveness, extremist actions and political rhetoric. “Trump has gift-wrapped the narrative for the next four years,” Segal explains. The experts worry about a false sense of security emerging if the country makes it through the inauguration without any violence. But what happens when the barricades come down? When National Guard troops leave? When tech platforms, the general public, and the media turn their attention to other issues? The threat will remain, the experts say. “All of those new people being brought into these communities creates new opportunity for expanding the ranks,” Carusone said. “There’s going to be a lot of new people … organized and exposed to a set of prescriptions that ultimately bring us back to the same place … leading up to the attack on the Capitol. “Except in this case, it’ll be more of them.”
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