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You do you Corgi dog stress af vintage shirt . but I still maintain that the odds that, Blizzard has secretly been basing their writing of the last fifteen to twenty-odd years on cartomancy of all things. Without a single one of the many different authors of the story in any way spilling the beans are unlikely, to say the least. All game directors, writers and people otherwise affiliated with the lore have for all these years been in agreement that both the foundation of cartoony and the secret thereof must remain intact. Yeah, I’m not sure I buy that. Blizzard writing has always been pretty direct. There’s literally nothing that suggests any of this without you accepting yours. To think that the high-school-play level writing, is just a disguise for a narrative masterpiece that’s ingeniously built for a 15-year over-arcing plot? Weird.

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It would be nice to think that the reason for the repeating plots is based on some deep mystical meaning, but it’s far more likely that Corgi dog stress af vintage shirt . Blizzard’s recipe for success always having been reinventing and improving upon existing clichés. Still a fun read, though. I especially like the bit about Elune since it’s one of the first suggestions about her true nature that wouldn’t feel disappointing to me. Don’t take my criticism as an attempt to dissuade you, just saying that while it’s certainly fun, it’s still no less far-fetched, because you’re still basing it on cartomancy, meaning that the initial. Their idea of a plot twist has always been “the road to hell is paved with good intention” or “that good guy/gal just got corrupted and is now a baddie” or a combination of the two. Lots of overreaching and mental gymnastics being played here. Far too many presuppositions and over analysis.
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