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So for 6 weeks the judge suppressed the video evidence Comparison kills confident not conceited shirt . Showing the discussion where planned parenthood discussed the fees for body parts. The judge also had close connections with planned parenthood itself. A San Francisco bone-headed jury says Planned Parenthood suffered “substantial harm”. Oh gosh, those poor picked on people. Liberal loons to the. Talk about a travesty of justice! Here it is! so selling body parts is fine, plan parenthood does very little for women, I go to hospital or dr office not baby slaughter mill where women died too, let them keep it up, what wrong in America people seem to lose their hearts, may God have mercy on us.

Comparison kills confident not conceited shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

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Comparison kills confident not conceited Hoodie
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It might be funny how the left vilifies whistleblower’s when the shoe is on the other foot Comparison kills confident not conceited shirt . Were we not talking about the murder, of the most innocent and helpless of all. Horrible that he lost! He exposed what is happening to babies and the sale of their organs. And the judge awarded Planned Parenthood for the crime that they are doing! I would not want to be this judge when he meets his Maker! God have mercy. Fox, this is not a balanced report. Too many vague details and statements that, if you didn’t know better, could be misinterpreted as facts. It is no wonder most of the scoffs at your fair and balanced slogan. What another verdict would you expect from the nuts in San Francisco. It’s one of the evilest and despicable cities in America. The devil controls too much of California. The DNC should set a deadline for entrants into the. It doesn’t seem right to let people come in just before the primaries so that they campaign for just a few months. These current candidates have been at it for a year to date. That’s a lot more money needed to campaign that long. Hillary wouldn’t even have the physical stamina to endure an 18-month primary campaign. I’m not a fan of Democrats, but this is just a matter of basic fairness.
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