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How about having on someone Colorado bigfoot hunter sunset shirt . for a final solution on Muslims just a few months after it happened? Can he be blamed for that? Can he be blamed for not even bringing that up during their interview? Or scoffing at the notion people think she’s a racist? It is awful because he’s doing it in front of a trial. If the people are convicted, they could appeal the verdict, claim prejudice and get off. That’s why he was arrested and taken away. If that happened, you would be here lambasting the judicial system letting these people walk.

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So he was offering his Colorado bigfoot hunter sunset shirt . on the criminal prosecution of another person? He must have been standing inside the courtroom screaming and disrupting the proceedings, right? He was probably inciting the people inside the courtroom to riot, correct? Maybe. Why don’t you explain it to me? What was he doing? It must have been truly awful and dangerous if it reached the point of seriously impeding the course of justice. If you, as a lawyer, can’t see how this could be used to declare a mistrial and actually help the grommets, you must be a shittier lawyer than your hero Michael Cohen. LMAO – enjoy your police state. It’s your country, you can adopt whatever laws you choose. However, we on the other side of the pond are definitely going to mock you for it. The UK (specifically) and Europe (in general) serve as a warning to Americans as to what can happen if you start giving up your freedom. I’m actually grateful destroying itself because it might actually save the United States. The people Tommy Robinson is fighting against are way more dangerous than Tommy himself. He is just a typical working class chav. If the progressive elites are going to ignore Islamic extremism and Pakistani grooming gangs, then people like Tommy will fill that gap. Just because religious extremists and pedophiles exist, it doesn’t mean that other people should be able to get off scot free with more minor crimes. That’s not how the justice system works. Where did I say Tommy shouldn’t be punished for his crimes. I’m just saying he is not a racist boogeyman the media is portraying him as. Just a lower class chav who has done some petty crime over the years. I’d take a neighbor who committed passport fraud, lied about the mortgage and had a fight with a police officer over an Islamist or pedophile any day.
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