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You won’t get that Camping Lady And Dog Mom shirt . The thing you have to understand is that JoePa was an anomaly, not a norm.. and the system got so comfy for him that his assistant coach was capable of basically using buildings on campus to rape kids. Not blaming JoePa for that, but if you want a coach with JoePa’s level of commitment, it will NEVER BE ALLOWED at Penn State again. I have no idea why he wouldn’t be considered. If Vandy is going for some Kumbaya All in the family thing like Gene Chizik infested Auburn with, then best of luck to them when they hire Mack Brown (this is their best case scenario in this folly). A word from the wise to Vandy: You want a ruthless, heartless, humanist tactician like Petrino, to match the namesake of your university. I mean, if you were the Franciscan School for the Blind and Deaf, I could see hiring Paul Johnson or Jim Grobe or whatever another family friendly coach was available, but you’re the God Damn Vanderbilt Commodores. For shit’s sake, when I type Commodores into my tablet, it changes it to Commodities.

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As a UT fan, I would have mixed feelings about this Camping Lady And Dog Mom shirt . On one hand, I love the idea of a real rivalry with Vandy. On the other hand, we kinda need you guys to be bad. Regardless, I don’t think you guys are going back to the cellar any time soon, even if Franklin does leave. T-shirt design near me. He’s shown that it’s possible to be competitive at Vandy, and I think his successor will be good too. Growing up in Nashville, Vandy’s always been, my second favorite team. And Franklin’s the best thing that’s happened to them in a long time. I really hope he decides to stay. Honestly   I’d take going 9-4 in the SEC over what I think PSU’s ceiling in the Big10 will be for the next half decade (10 win seasons are the best hope IMHO).

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