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It sounds like your husband is likely Black lives matter white hand shirt . Honestly, he sounds a lot like I felt the first couple of years after having the kiddo. Depression just takes all the joy out of everything. I felt like I didn’t love my baby enough, that I’d fallen out of love with my husband, that I just needed some escape but I was too exhausted to do anything to fix it. Then there’s the guilt that comes from having those feelings, and you stew in it until it gets twisted into resentment at your partner

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Black lives matter white hand Hoodie
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My husband is truly Black lives matter white hand shirt . but there were times when I seriously thought about leaving him for reasons that were 100% the depression talking. I’m not saying for sure that’s what’s going on with your husband, but I thought I’d offer my perspective. I guess I don’t really have any advice, but I’m sorry you’re going through this and I hope you can find a resolution that works for you and your little one. Thank you. I’ve often wondered if it was depression. That’s why I chose to stop seeing the couples counselor we were going to in order for him to continue seeing her on his own Some therapy is better than no therapy, especially if depression is present. I did bring it up to him in a very non-judgmental way and he got defensive. I asked, but I think once he’s started. I’m not sure she would be unbiased enough to do couples. They are such different things, and now she’s his individual therapist and they’ve delved deep into his family life, and aren’t discussing his marriage. Not sure if we should go see someone so she remains a safe space for him in that regard… Gonna sound harsh but, hear me out. Call a lawyer, find our about the house( I know it’s in your name and was gotten before the marriage but, double-check,) find out all you need to know, custody, etc. Shock him, let him know, you don’t want this but, your also not going to live this way. Take control and stop letting him leave you hanging.
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