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Hey, this sounds really cool Black Lives Matter Premium shirt . Joined the Discord and would love to be able to help. I can somewhat code from messing around with my own mod and love to research and write lore. I’m Sir Lancelot in the Discord by the way. Even now Steven Universe never ceases to amaze me at the kind of discussion that it brings to the table. It really highlighted the moral ambiguity between Rose and Bismuth in how they chose to partake in the conflict against the Diamond.

Black Lives Matter Premium shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Black Lives Matter Premium  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Black Lives Matter Premium  Hoodie
Black Lives Matter Premium  Sweatshirt
Black Lives Matter Premium  Unisex

I think that initially Rose and are very much at odd but as the conflict escalates Black Lives Matter Premium shirt . Rose eventually adopted both methods of resistance. Choosing to attack military target but also work in reaching out its message of peace to non-combat gems and any gems who surrendered or bubbles in aftermath of each battle. I wonder if the future episodes going to bring some flashbacks to Rose resistance. It would be really helpful to see Rose skill in battle and maybe negotiations. If anything, is a perfect representative of the Crystal Gems. On Homeworld, Pearls are nothing but low-level servants. They stand around, look pretty, they’re quiet, they open doors and hold your things. (and maybe answer your phone and sing for you) But our Pearl? She’s outspoken and active. She’s a skilled fighter, even capable of taking out Gems that were actually built for fighting, and she’s a skilled mechanic and technician as well. More than any other Gem, she is proof that Gems can be more than what the Diamonds told them they could be.

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