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The American people should be demanding it Black Cat Rose Flowers Butterfly shirt . and going to the polls to make sure she has enough delegates to be on that debate stage. I am not a Democrat and don’t support a lot of her platform, but I’m so sick of the things going on in that situation.If she is a dem and actively campaigning, she should be allowed to participate.Besides she is probably one of the best the dems have to offer.At this point the debates really need to be between the candidates that actually have a chance at winning the nomination. I’m definitely not a Democrat, but they need to use at least some common sense.

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They don’t want you up there because they know that you’re the most competent lol Tulsi is too libertarian leaning to get the Black Cat Rose Flowers Butterfly shirt . nominationAlthough I completely disagree with her policies, (at the end of the day, she’s as liberal as they come,) but she’s the only rational one left. And she’s not afraid to have a productive conversation.She would be the only democratic candidate that is mentally competent and not an old white guy but the democrats can’t control her. Because she is a woman? She hasn’t earned. Why do women who want to be equal always want an edge over the men and special treatment? You can’t have it both ways.Tulsi Gabbard is a refreshing voice within the Democratic Party bringing forth a message of peace and unification during a divisive time in our country and should not be excluded from the debate stage.
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