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Belgar is such wasted potential Biden Harris 2020 shirt . Just what was his relationship with Riley’s father like? Did he ever interact with Riley when she was a kid? What drove him into getting so obsessed with Riley’s father’s research? etc. I know they throw an info dump at the very end, but it’s so sudden and doesn’t really explain much of anything. Not to mention even Squad E didn’t even know who was inside the tank they fought because they never met once! Belgar wrestles with his feelings for Riley’s dad but then blows up. The ship sinks, Angie makes it out a-okay and the gang lives to see another day. Then there are some scenes of what happened after the war.

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The game closes with Claude staring at the Riley Miller Company, remembering everything that happened during the war Biden Harris 2020 shirt . Yeah, that’s it. Thanks for playing. Scouts are nerfed indirectly in that not only do you lose the order that halves interception fire damage, but also the fact that interception fire is an actual threat. I remember playing VC1 on PC where if you played at 30 FPS, you can literally walk around enemy fire. It is that slow. ‘Course, if ya played it at 60 FPS your Scouts would get filled with holes but so does the enemy. But as long as you stack your orders, your Scout was quite durable. And while I do recommend vc3 you might come off feeling like you just played this game. Seriously that alone turns them for semi-useful units, to the most vital members of your team. A Squad member got killed? Haha! I don’t think so! They also get double action, so they can do two actions in one turn! Two people are down? Revive one, double action kicks in, revive the other person. the downside is it doesn’t recover AP like double movement, but that would be too ridiculous. Wait they can revive the dead?! I guess it makes sense since they have revival ragnaid, but damn that would’ve been useful to know earlier. There’s a forced tutorial pop-up that explains how reviving works with engineers … but it only comes up if you get a member of your squad shot up to the point of needing to be revived
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