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I hate it Biden 2020 Fraud shirt . Kevin Love got the Bosh treatment times 10. Chris didn’t give a fuck, it was all duck lips and champagne facials- but Love isn’t built like that, and once people knew they were under his skin they seemed to relish being there. He was happy he got a chance to talk about his anxiety and mental health issues. The ‘fit in instead of standing out’ thing still sucks. He went to Cleveland, excepted a role as a spot-up shooter/catapult, and got accused of being an intentional outsider for his trouble…

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Watching Love throw similar passes to Westbrook in college was a thing of beauty too Biden 2020 Fraud shirt . I remember hearing about how one of his best skills was his outlet. My initial thought was “who the hell cares that he can pass it to the damn guard after a rebound?” Then I saw him thrown a few to Westbrook in one game that was converted to easy dunks/layups and I realized my initial thought was dumb. Jesus Christ the one where LeBron caught it buzzer-beater fade away three for the tie. Good God Almighty no one needs to go to church after seeing. Yeah, there were a lot of superfluous comparisons made in that video. How the fuck am I supposed to know how long Aaron Rodgers’s first touchdown pass to Craig Jennings was in Super Bowl 45? Way too extra. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the kinda chemistry that Lebron and Wade had. Maybe Stockton and Malone. Wade and Bron were born to play with each other. The Beatles were the funniest team to watch, other than the pre-KD Warriors, but I’m biased.

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