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Just want to say, as a pro-trump Arizona Air Raid Now Dropping Nuks shirt . I have an absolute ton of respect for you, man. Anybody will correct misinformation when it’s their side being falsely accused. Takes someone with real principles to do it when the misinformation goes in their favor. Help me spread this post far and wide man… appreciate the kind words. I envision an America where we remember that we work better with each other than against one another and it’s the media causing this divide, not Trump or straight white male Republicans like Democrats want us all to believe.

Arizona Air Raid Now Dropping Nuks shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Arizona Air Raid Now Dropping Nuks Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies

Arizona Air Raid Now Dropping Nuks Hoodie

Arizona Air Raid Now Dropping Nuks Sweatshirt

Arizona Air Raid Now Dropping Nuks Unisex

Liking or hating Trump should not make people feel justified to promote violence against children over a clearly and easily proven leftist media lie Arizona Air Raid Now Dropping Nuks shirt . Well, either way, they say you’re a Nazi. The only non Nazis are the two men who were banging the drum in the kid’s. If you cared you would have been there with a vuvuzela trying to deafen a toddler. Those kids are true leaders. They knew their reactions were being watched by the whole world. There is no doubt had they acted rashly, started throwing insults back, or escalated the situation in some way, it could have turned violent and the effects would have rippled through the country in a very nasty way. We are glad to have you. We need a lot of support for the biggest 2020 election party ever. Bring water because there is going to be a lot of salt. Was hoping side of beef would run I had drinking games lined up for days with her. Every time she coughs shot. Every time she falls short. Every time she lies, shot. Andre the giant wouldn’t make it through the night. And that beautiful motherfucker can tank 2 cases and not piss once. The deep state is losing its shit because of the shutdown. Trump is winning and the politicians won’t admit it so a lot of left-wing sources are slowly and subtly posting more pro-Trump news and seeing their audience increase when they do. are working quadruple time to squash it and getting sloppy and making the issue worse for the left. I’ll take a sub that tries to be neither pro or anti – unless enough evidence points to a certain conclusion on a specific topic. Both sides circlejerk and form kneejerk alliances. Which I get: it’s easier and probably healthier. The answer is to obviously make a multi-sub of both the Donald AND politics, view both, and then shit on both of them for lying while presenting the truth in random subreddits talking about incidents.
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