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Originally from the United Kingdom Among Us Impostor shirt . Humphrey first went to China as a 23-year-old postgraduate student. It was 1979, and Humphrey joined a two-year exchange program at the Beijing Language Institute, later taking up what he called “the rather privileged position of ‘foreign expert’.” Outside his teaching responsibilities, this gave him the ability to travel around the country, at a time when China was still relatively closed off and internal travel among foreign nationals heavily restricted. “I had much more access than most journalists or diplomats,” Humphrey said. He had an interest in journalism and started freelancing for a number of publications under a pseudonym, as well as briefly joining the founding staff of the China Daily, a state-run English language newspaper, in 1981.

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Humphrey found working at a government propaganda organ claustrophobic, however, and soon moved to Hong Kong, then still a British colony Among Us Impostor shirt . He spent a year at the South China Morning Post newspaper, before moving to London to join the Reuters newswire, which, after a decade or so in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, sent him back to Hong Kong in 1995 to cover the city’s impending handover to China. “After the handover I decided I wanted a change of career and professional occupation,” Humphrey said. He began consulting, using his journalistic skills to investigate companies and deals, focusing on due diligence and corporate malfeasance. In 2003, Humphrey co-founded ChinaWhys with his wife Yu Yingzeng, a longtime financial fraud investigator. The pair soon started working for the various multinationals that had rushed into China after Beijing joined the World Trade Organization in 2001. One of those companies was GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical giant. According to court documents in a case Humphrey and Yu later brought against GSK, ChinaWhys was hired in April 2013 to investigate allegations that the company was involved in a bribery scheme which involved paying doctors off in China who would in turn prescribe the company’s medications. GSK bosses called it a “smear campaign” being waged against them by an aggrieved former employee in the China office. According to the court documents, Humphrey and Yu were told the former employee had sent allegations of bribery and other misdeeds at GSK to Chinese regulators, as well as allegedly circulating a secretly recorded sex tape of GSK China boss Mark Reilly to other company executives. Within a year however, GSK would end up convicted of offering bribes to boost its business and forced to pay a fine of nearly $500 million to Chinese regulators in late 2014. GSK apologized, admitting that its China operation had broken the law as well as company rules. Former China head Mark Reilly was deported after being given a suspended prison sentence of three years, state news agency Xinhua reported. CNN has been unable to reach him for comment.
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