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In Georgia Among Us Christmas Quarantined Face Mask 2020 shirt . Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said that Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Trump ally who is chairman of the Judiciary Committee, suggested to him in a phone call that legally cast ballots could be thrown out. Raffensperger had ordered a hand recount of the vote, and on Friday, Georgia certified the results as originally projected: an upset win for Biden in the historically red state. Frida Ghitis spotted signs of an emerging split in the GOP. “On one side is the truth-denying, ethically imperiled practitioners of whatever-Trump-says-is-gospel. The other, invigorated by the challenge of defending democracy, is possibly much smaller or at the very least less noisy. Its members acknowledge reality, even when it says their party lost, and are fighting for high principles, including democracy. It is in this smaller segment of the party where Republicans may yet find redemption.” When Jim Kolbe first ran for Congress in southern Arizona as a Republican in 1982, he lost by less than 3,000 votes. The future 11-term congressman still remembers the painful moment when he called his Democratic opponent to concede — the step Trump is refusing to take. “Failure to concede an election when the outcome is certain and beyond doubt undermines the very foundation of our democracy — the public confidence that elections decide who will guide the country or the state or the city,” Kolbe observed. “Pointless disputes over fictional ‘fraud’ only fuels disinformation, increases distrust in our constitutional form of government, and weakens trust in their leaders and the very process of holding elections.”

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The Covid-19 news could not be worse: The number of new cases around the US hit a single-day record this week, and the daily death toll is growing Among Us Christmas Quarantined Face Mask 2020 shirt . But the Covid-19 vaccine news could not be better: There are two vaccines in development that appear to be 95% effective. Getting from the awful now to the hopeful future is a leap — and with Thanksgiving coming this week, there’s a real risk that more travel by Americans will spread the virus even faster. “Future-tense hope is complicated by the fact that the future is a fragile place, cognitively,” wrote Robert Sapolsky, an expert on human behavior. “Sacrificing immediate pleasure (a big gathering at Thanksgiving, for example), for a bigger future gain (less sickness and death) is tough for humans.” Writers have lamented the unwillingness of some Americans to make sacrifices in the pandemic, but we shouldn’t be all that surprised, wrote historian Nicole Hemmer. Even the “greatest generation” wasn’t fully on board with the restrictions enacted during World War II. “Personal sacrifice for community benefit is incredibly difficult,” Hemmer pointed out.
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