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Most years All I Want For Christmas Is BTS T-Shirt . December 8 is fairly meaningless date — not a holiday, not an immediately recognizable anniversary of a historical event, but just another day on the calendar. But this year, December 8 marks the federal election “safe harbor” date and with it, an effective end to the increasingly madcap, unhinged effort of President Donald Trump, his campaign and his supporters to challenge the results of the 2020 election. Understanding the federal safe harbor date, and its importance to our constitutional transition of presidential power, requires a bit of counting backwards. The Constitution requires that the presidential term ends precisely at noon on January 20. Leading up to that date, federal law provides that the Electoral College formally votes on “the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December” — this year, December 14. Those electoral votes then must arrive in Washington, DC, by December 23 (this dates back to when it took more than a phone call or click of a button to transmit information over long stretches) and Congress formally counts the electoral votes on January 6.

All I Want For Christmas Is BTS T-Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

All I Want For Christmas Is BTS T-Shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’s
That brings us to the safe harbor date All I Want For Christmas Is BTS T-Shirt . Under federal law, any state’s selection of its presidential electors that has been finalized six days before the formal Electoral College voting date (this year, December 14) is final and presumptively cannot be challenged in court or in Congress. In other words: come December 8, the determinations of the states cannot effectively be challenged — by Trump or by his “elite strike force” legal team led by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. The states are not required to finalize their electoral votes by the safe harbor date — but if they do, those determinations are protected by federal law. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Team Trump’s barrage of pointless, doomed lawsuits will suddenly end (though it should). Ever since it became clear that President-elect Joe Biden had won the election, Giuliani and the rest of Trump’s legal team have thoughtlessly fired off lawsuits utterly without regard to facts and the law — two things that tend to matter in courtrooms. And though federal law provides that a state’s determination made by the safe harbor date “shall be conclusive,” why would Giuliani and company start respecting the law now? But the arrival of the safe harbor date should effectively extinguish any dying embers of hope even for the last few remaining election denialists. And what an utter disaster — legally and otherwise — the Trump team’s effort to contest the election in the courts has been. The lawyers for Trump and his campaign have had more than 30 lawsuits thrown out or withdrawn from courts across the country almost as quickly as they’ve been filed. It’s tough to identify any one particular low point, but I’ll go with the federal district court judge who characterized one of Giuliani’s federal lawsuits as “Frankenstein’s monster.” The end of these lawsuits is a good thing for anybody who cares about our constitutional process, a smooth transition of power and rule of law. And maybe it’s a good thing even for Trump, Giuliani and the rest of those who continue to have visions about overturning the 2020 election. Realistically, it’s been over for a while; and now, it’s over formally and legally as well.
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