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What an intense story! Glad you are all okay in the end Aliphun Ken Happy Christmas shirt . Can you report the doula to an organization, or make a review somewhere? I don’t seem to remember doulas being accredited in most areas. Yah we are definitely pursuing those avenues, and my midwife is totally on board with writing a letter for us from her perspective to submit with our complaints.  At least that’s a plus with the refund. I hope she gets it together next time.

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and that this is just a one-off time where she wasn’t really on the ball Aliphun Ken Happy Christmas shirt . I hope so, too, but it seems like she has a pattern of waiting till the last second to go to the hospital (and relies on the fact that most FTMs have long pushing phases, but mine was like 20 minutes so yeah). Just so disappointing and unnecessarily traumatic. Of course, we didn’t find this out until after our own experience, uhggg. OMG WHAT?! Yah you can’t just “hold in” a baby!! How crazy!! Yuck, I’m sorry you also had to deal with stupid shit. Why is there so much stupid shit that happens surrounding births?? We did look into the suing option, but the lawyer we contacted said it might not be worth it, and we might not get a whole lot out of it since she’s just a small 1-person business and then we would have lawyer fees, etc. We are definitely filing complaints with DONA (the organization where she was certified). And writing a letter to the hospital to warn them about her, and looking into somehow filing with the city. I really don’t think the doula should have been making the call (or even giving input) on when to go to the hospital. The purpose of the doula should be to support the person in labor? Not give medical advice. I completely agree. Negligent and strangely ego-centric of her. Yes, absolutely. Their job is not to give medical advice, however…she sounds like she was providing medical advice as to when to not go to the hospital, and not just call paramedics.
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