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President Donald Trump’s 2021 Alabama Rose Bowl CFP Semifinal shirt . dark mood is worsening — and the country is suffering his wrath. Furious at Senate Republican leaders for acknowledging he lost to President-elect Joe Biden, Trump has so far rejected the coronavirus stimulus package they negotiated with Democrats and his own administration, leaving jobless benefits to lapse for millions of Americans and embarrassing his onetime political allies.

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Convinced social media companies helped rig the election against him, he vetoed an unrelated defense bill because it didn’t repeal those companies’ liability protections 2021 Alabama Rose Bowl CFP Semifinal shirt . Insistent his own government is working against him by ignoring false claims of voter fraud, he’s dangling the prospect of shutting it down as he enjoys a winter holiday in South Florida. And eager to help discredit investigations into his own behavior and that of his allies, he’s using his wide-reaching clemency powers to wipe away convictions brought by special counsel Robert Mueller, undermining a system of law and order in the process. Long driven by grievance, Trump seems to be ensuring no grudge goes unpunished before he leaves office. He is using his remaining days as President to settle scores, even if those left to suffer have nothing to do with his baroque conspiracies or his wounded ego. Because Trump refused to sign the bill — that his own aides helped write — by Saturday night, millions of Americans who were facing their last payment are left without certainty of if or when they’ll receive more assistance. An estimated 12 million Americans who have been laid off are set to receive their final unemployment payment for the week ending this weekend, according to The Century Foundation. The Covid-19 relief legislation that Trump refuses to sign would extend the number of weeks people can stay on two key pandemic unemployment programs and increase weekly benefits by $300 for all through mid-March. Trump this weekend continued to demand direct payment checks be increased from $600 to $2,000 — a figure Democrats support but that came a day after the bill passed and Congress left town, leaving jobless Americans in limbo. That Trump did not make his demands known ahead of time suggests both that he was paying little attention to how the legislation was proceeding and that lines of communication with Senate Republicans on Capitol Hill have degraded after they acknowledged Biden’s win.
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