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Like, they make 2020 Youll Go Down In History shirt . mobsters out. To be all gentlemanly and respectful in. The Godfather despite their violent ways, whereas in Goodfellas, they’re rude, tactless assholes at all times. I just can’t conceive of how anyone would find the lifestyle portrayed in Goodfellas to be in any way aspirational, whereas I can at least understand why people find the aesthetic of the mob in The Godfather attractive, even if I think it’s juvenile. I mean, the Goodfellas characters were kinda the grunts who were doing all the hands-on extorting and drug dealing and such. A big part of the plot was Pesci’s character’s attempt to become a “made man”.

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Godfather is from The 2020 Youll Go Down In History shirt . of the. The very top of the crime family. I’m sure even in reality things seem more civil and classy from the top looking down rather than the bottom looking up. Despite the fact that the movie deconstructs many standard gangster film tropes. And has something of a Downer Ending. It’s still considered one of the coolest depictions of the Mafia ever put on film. By members of the Mafia themselves, even. The gangster that DeNiro’s character was based on was reportedly thrilled such a great actor was portraying him and kept trying to get in touch with DeNiro from prison to give him pointers. Similarly, the real. Henry Hill his witness. Protection because he couldn’t resist bragging about the movie. (Not that anyone cared to kill him at that point.) Yet by the end of the movie, almost the entire extended cast is either in prison, witness protection, or dead- almost universally via brutal murder, to say nothing of all the domestic abuse, paranoia, treachery, drug addiction, police investigations and violence that the characters end up going through. It is still loved by gangsters and wannabe gangsters. Honestly, you’re right about the first one. When I made my comment I was thinking about I & II as one movie, and I think that the second one pulls back the facade of the mafia.
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