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This is a great dad 124 Cat Years Old Vintage shirt . More men should learn from him. Spend time with your kids, you never know when you don’t have them. This boy will always have this memory. Yes, and when the heat from tv caves the ceiling in she can call for an ambulance. Hope they can revive em after electrocution. Hahaha, Karen doesn’t understand how the electrical safety circuit breaker switch on a house’s electrical circuit works to prevent electrocution or how igloos work… the Eskimos have fires in their igloos and they don’t collapse. Maybe if she HAD left them alone for five minutes they wouldn’t have resulted to building that in the freezing cold to get away. 

124 Cat Years Old Vintage shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

124 Cat Years Old Vintage Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies

124 Cat Years Old Vintage Hoodie

124 Cat Years Old Vintage Sweatshirt

124 Cat Years Old Vintage Unisex

Me too but know beer did you watch the heavyweight fight last night some fight Deonte Wilervand Ortiz 124 Cat Years Old Vintage shirt . Deonte won what a fight 10 round! I know you probably forgot what snow looks like out there but next winter you have to try and build an igloo…get you chippies eye on it. Thanks for the shares and kind words guys!! There are a few old ones in this compilation but I broke my hand last week so it’s slowed me down with the video making!! Much love and skills to you all x. Hope you heal with little pain and an easy recovery! I love your voice and your videos always brighten even my darkest days! Thank you. Joe! You are the shiznit! Big love to you from over here in Canada! Hope your hand gets better soon and you get back to mind-blasting us with “your skills”. I’m very confused why women think post-Malone is so attractive. It has to be the money. I know a guy who looks exactly like post-Malone. He asks me for money at the gas station and he has no women after him. They look identical. Both look like bums. The difference is one is actually a bum. Post Malone is hot AF, and I bet the homeless dude would be too except nobody finds laziness and pity parties attractive – there’s your difference LOL. Serge Moroz, exact same question I was asking  if some sort of animal or hobo gets rich girls are going to love them its a way of life  and people say he is nice guy ( I’m not saying he isn’t) but how many of them have talked to him in real life or seen him off scene ? with no cameras. 
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