Sometimes we’d get invited over when she had other company 12 Andrew luck thank you for the memories signature tshirt and I guess she wanted us as a buffer to keep the conversation going.She invited us over for steaks. How bad can that be? A little over or undercooked, maybe, but steak wasn’t fancy. Well, she bought super-thin steaks and put them on her George Foreman grill in the garage. Did I mention that she did a lot of cooking in the garage? She had that Foreman grill out there, and a toaster oven and a slow cooker and a roaster and some other things. So she went out to the garage with the steaks and then came back and sat and talked to us for a while and then she asked me how long the steaks should cook. I said it depended on how thick they were. She held up her fingers to a thickness that was optimistically large based on what I found out later.