Rebel Moon Part 2 Star Sofia Boutella Teases Koras’s New Romances

Rebel Moon Part 2 Star Sofia Boutella Teases Koras’s New Romances

Rebel Moon Part 2 Star Sofia Boutella Teases Kora’s New Romance




Sofia Boutella, who plays Kora in Zack Snyder’s sci-fi universe, teased her character’s romance in Netflix’s Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver.

While not received well, the first Revbel Moon still has plenty of fans, all of whom are patiently waiting to see what happens next for all the characters involved.

Part One ended with Kora and her newly assembled team surviving a massive betrayal and killing Ed Skrein’s Atticus Noble in a vicious battle. However, as the heroes made their way back to Veldt, little did they know the big bad got revived, setting the stage for one last final confrontation.

Sofia Boutella Teases Romance for Kora In Rebel Moon Part 2

Rebel Moon Part 2 Star Sofia Boutella Teases Kora's New Romance
Rebel Moon Part 2 Star Sofia Boutella Teases Kora’s New Romance

Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver star Sofia Boutella spoke about the romance between her character, Kora, and Michiel Huisman’s Gunnar.

While the two had romantic potential in the first installment, this second movie finally explores what a closer relationship between those two would look like, as Boutella confirms with her comments.

When asked how she worked with he co-stars to build that dynamic, Boutella clarified, “It was really just an easy conversation between [them],” adding how she feels that element of the movie fits in nicely with everything else going down:

“Michiel [Huisman] is someone who’s really gentle and kind and sweet and peaceful. And so it was really just an easy conversation between us. He’s very chill about everything. There was just such peace between us, and I absolutely loved working with him. And also that dynamic, I think, in the film in such a war movie, it’s such a nice element to have, to have that birth of that love coming together. And for it to be at the beginning of movie number two is quite nice. So it was a nice color to have in this film.”

The actress then spoke about how Kora was “very closed off” when audiences met her in Part One, but in Part Two, “she’s opened up her heart:”

“So when you meet Kora in ‘Part One’, she’s very closed off. And I think she’s very guarded. And in ‘Part Two’, she has started to open up to others. The first thing she ever says in the film, one of the first thing she ever says is to truly love and be loved; she doesn’t think that is not something that she knows how to do, and she was taught that love was a weakness, and I think when movie two starts, it’s already something that she started to do, she’s opened up her heart, to the world and to others.”

The Direct then asked about the most important piece of experience or knowledge the actress gained while working on these Rebel Moon films.

Boutella shared that “these were some of the biggest sets [she’s] ever worked on” while also praising “the way Zack Snyder works:”

“For me, these were some of the biggest sets I’ve ever worked on. And for such a long period of time… And the scale of it was pretty unforgettable… I feel like I’ve got the opportunity to go in-depth with the character and to have found sort of, I come back to my life, with having learned so much in terms of discipline and work ethic and the way I approach the character and sort of how I want to approach stunts again when I move forward on another project, and I just genuinely learned a lot. And I saw the way Zack [Snyder] works. He’s so prepared, and he covers so many different areas of the craft of making movies. And so I just had an amazing experience. And I feel like I grew so much from it.”

How Will Kora’s Romance in The Scargiver End?

With Rebel Moon – Part One sitting at a 21% critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, many are hoping Zack Snyder’s next outing can at least land better than that.

At the very least, early social media reactions indicate many feel Part Two is better than the first. However, those voices make it clear that Scargiver still has issues across the board.

Either way, when it comes to the problems this new franchise juggles, Sofia Boutella and her performance as Kora was never one of them. One can only assume her part in Part Two will remain one of the series’ strongest elements.

Hopefully, that will include a happy ending for Kora and her new budding romance with Gunnar.

Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver hits Netflix on April 19, 2024.

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