Resident Alien Season 4 Story Plans Revealed by Showrunner (WonderCon 2024)

Resident Alien Season 4 Story Plans Revealed by Showrunner (WonderCon 2024)

Resident Alien Season 4 Story Plans Revealed by Showrunner (WonderCon 2024)




At WonderCon 2024, the creator behind SYFY’s Resident Alien shared some details on what he’d like to explore in a hypothetical Season 4.

The incredibly popular comedy series, whose first two seasons are now on Netflix, follows Alan Tudyk’s Harry, an alien who crash-lands on Earth while on a mission to irradiate all life on the planet.

Little did the extraterrestrial know what he’d be in for as he learned all about humans, making more than a handful of friends along the way.

With Season 3’s finale right around the corner, fans are already wondering what could be next in Harry’s story.

Resident Alein Season 4 & Series Future Teased by Cast & Creator

Resident Alien Season 4 Story Plans Revealed by Showrunner (WonderCon 2024)
Resident Alien Season 4 Story Plans Revealed by Showrunner (WonderCon 2024)

The Direct attended a press roundtable interview session for SYFY’s Resident Alien at WonderCon 2024, where the cast and creator were in attendance to talk all about the show. This chat included some tantalizing teases of what could be in store for a hypothetical Season 4.

While another season is not yet confirmed, creator and showrunner Chris Sheridan teased how first and foremost, he “love[s] that [they’re] embracing more of the alien stuff:”

“It’s hard [to tease what’s ahead] because there’s a lot going on in the finale that is going to dictate where it goes. But I love that we’re embracing more of the alien stuff. There’s really, you have all the alien stuff with Harry. But these new US alien abductions that Ben and Kate have gone through, that really doesn’t have a lot to do with [Harry]. If he had never come down on this planet, Ben and Kate still would have been abducted. They’re not being abducted because they live in Patience; they just are being abducted because they’re human beings on Earth.”

The idea “of not [being] safe anywhere” is something the showrunner would plan to “explore and make a little more clear in Season 4:”

“And I think what I’d like to explore and make a little more clear in Season 4 is just that, which is, we’re kind of not safe anywhere. And this is a problem because people really do believe this. And I’ve read enough accounts with people—You know, you don’t have to be in the middle of the country where nobody is. There are people who write about being abducted from high rises in Manhattan, which I don’t understand how that happens.”

Sheridan also emphasized how Season 4’s story would see Harry grow up more, maturing out of the early teen mind space he occupies in Season 3:

“I’d also like to give, you know, as Harry moves out of this stage of Season 3, which is sort of a teen, early teen stage, grow him up a little bit, maybe in Season 4, and maybe he has his own friends… whether it’s the portal repair guy that we saw, the little green man—I think Harry should have some friends that just hang out at his house, and they’re just playing poker together. I think that would be a lot of fun.”

“I want to expand the alien universe a little bit,” the creative continued while also attempting to “ground it as much as possible:”

“So, I want to expand the Alien Universe a little bit and ground it as much as possible. I think that’s one of the keys to the show working, which is you have this big, broad alien stuff, but it also feels real in its own way. So I’d like to do a couple of those things. And I would tell you more, but I don’t want to step on the clear things that we have to do after we see what happens at the end of this year.”

When asked if he could tease the introduction of any more aliens specifically, he did claim up a bit–but mostly because the finale right around the corner could have something along those lines:

“I can’t tell you that because I don’t want to give away anything that might be coming up. There might be something in the finale; you have to wait and see. But we like to try to take the existing alien lore that’s out there and explore that as much as possible. In the future, I’d love to, you know, take that list of aliens that people sort of know about and populate our world a little bit with them.”

Overall, Sheridan claimed it’s simply “just fun” to explore different aliens, especially for those “who really believe in aliens:”

“You know, there’s like, what are those like Tall Whites? I think there’s one that, is it the Nordics or something like that? Like, there’s a lot of different aliens that are just weird. And, you know, I think it’s just fun. And for people who really believe in aliens, it’s nice to sort of put stuff out there, like the Avian is something that people know about and try to build that into the world.”

Sara Tomko, who plays Asta Twelvetrees on the show, admitted that he “[has] not heard about Season 4,” but that if it were to happen, she’d love to explore what Asta does when “she’s not worried about Harry… [Or] Darcy:”

“And where would you want your character to go in the future? Good question. I have not heard about season four. We are manifesting a Season 4. When Season 4 happens, I would love to see—I pitched this in Season 3, but we didn’t have time for it. But I’d love to see what Asta does now that she’s not worried about Harry and not worried about Darcy and not worried about Jay. Like, what is her hobby?”

As for what hobbies Asta might be into, the actress joked how she’d love it “If Mayor Ben maybe taught her how to make candles:”

“I was thinking it’d be really fun if Mayor Ben maybe taught her how to make candles, [and] if she’s like, going around town trying to figure out what’s her thing. And then maybe figuring out, Oh, it’s this, it’s poetry at the 59, Or it’s, you know, skipping rocks or something. I don’t know. But I’d love to see what helps her find herself in Season 4. They hint a little bit at something going on with Joseph; you know, he takes her on a date at the beginning of Season 3. And obviously, he turns out to be a hybrid…”

Tomko did make it clear, however, that she “really [doesn’t] want to see her in a full-blown relationship:”

“You can feel when the writing team is starting to push you in a direction. So I could see her going on another date [with Joseph], being willing now that she knows he’s a hybrid. I mean, he’s still a bad guy at this point. But we’ll see what happens… But, aren’t we, like, sort of into bad boys? And she’s obviously got like a history… But I really don’t want to see her in a full-blown relationship. I feel like we see that all the time with lead characters. And there’s so much more to dive into about a female onscreen than just who she’s in love with or whatever.”

“It’s been a beautiful journey to see,” Twelvetrees exclaimed when asked about Asta’s development throughout the show, while also noting how Season 3 presents “a very different” version of her character than when audiences first met her:

“And I think it’s been a beautiful journey to see her at the beginning going through such turmoil and such grief and shame… I just now realized what a good mom Asta is. And Asta just realized it, too. And she went through this whole journey these first three seasons, trying to make up for that and sort of parenting Harry in the process and trying to figure out how to make up for lost time. And so it’s just been so beautiful to see that evolution… It’s a very different Asta than when we first [met her]. She was very defensive, angry, and annoyed most of the time.”

As for Corey Reynolds’ Mike Thompson, he’s still a little out of the loop regarding the alien activity in Patience or the real identity of Harry. But does the actor ever feel left out?

According to the man himself, not only does he not feel left out, Reynolds feels like his current situation is “the sweetest gig in the world:”

“I don’t think he feels left out. I know, I don’t feel left out. I think that, honestly, If I’m being completely honest with you, It’s kind of like the sweetest gig in the world. You know what I mean? We do like nine days of filming on each episode, and I come in for two and do my thing and get to go home. It’s the best job I’ve ever had. But I think he is 100% sure there’s something going on, but only 50% sure what it is.”

Resident Alien is now streaming on SYFY.

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